Custom Synthesis & Manufacturing

Chemical Synthesis


Custom Synthesis and Manufacturing

SynQuest strives to provide the most comprehensive product range of fluorinated chemicals for innovative products and enabling technologies for chemical research. Our featured products include organic building blocks, functionalized heterocycles, versatile catalysts and ligands, chiral reagents for asymmetric synthesis, and ionic liquids.


Basic Research


Whether you need short term laboratory work involving complicated procedures, additional education on the usage of our products and technologies, or simply assistance finding exotic molecules, we offer many support options for laboratory research.

Manufacturing and Production

At SynQuest, we use many complex manufacturing processes in the course of manufacturing our 5,000 chemicals. We are experts at handling hazardous chemicals and putting those products into all types of containers. If you wish to leverage those capabilities for your business on a short or long term basis, simply contact us by selecting the service below that best fulfills your needs. Someone will respond to you within 48 hours.


Contract Manufacturing


SQL provides a strong range of technologies and processes aimed at providing our customers with the broadest range of single-source manufacturing options in the marketplace. Processes are tested prior to production batches to ensure our customers specifications and regulatory requirements are met and on-time.

Our breadth of services and capabilities cover the entire spectrum of chemistry and include production capacity ranging from milligrams to pilot quantities.

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